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I offer diversity, intercultural, anti-oppressive, anti-racist, intergenerational trauma awareness & responsiveness. I strive towards providing a supportive and safe experience for adult clients. I appreciate holistic wellness inspiring an approach that encourages a more self-aware and engaged life supporting the wellness of the whole person. My 20 years of professional counselling/therapy experience in Health, Indigenous, Post Secondary Education & Private Practice environments has nurtured an eclectic knowledge base of therapy approaches and practices to support anxiety, depression, loss, stress and trauma.

In addition to counselling, I offer Cultural Humility workshops. My commitment to anti-oppression and anti-racist practices has led to providing workshops focused upon the concept of Cultural Humility and it's principles developed by Dr. Melanie Tervalon and Dr. Jann Murray-Garcia. Day one focuses on providing essential concepts and practices that encourage a safe respectful space. Day two will focus upon understanding and practicing the principles of cultural humility through small groups with dialogue. Dr. Jann Murray-GarcĂ­a who has led community-based education and cultural understanding asserts that individuals and institutions must look for their hidden scripts to avoid unknowingly or unintentionally causing harm with discrimination. That those scripts are the cultural identities, family experiences, traumas, intersecting histories, and languages that shape interactions, inform values and influence policies. She professes that scripts can be interrupted by using Cultural Humility. For more information on what this workshop can provide you and/or your organization please send me an email.

Wendy Johnson, BSW, MSW, RSW