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My appreciation towards holistic wellness stems from various experiences.

  • My personal healing journey embracing my Indigenous identity and the wisdom of knowledge keepers has nurtured my Indigenous lens.
  • An Indigenous lens and perspective has encouraged an appreciation of the nurturing and grounding powers of Mother Earth.
  • Indigenous teachings have encouraged an understanding of the interconnectedness¬† between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
  • Etuaptmum is Mi'kmaw for Two-Eyed Seeing. This approach values viewing the world through both Indigenous and Western lens and ways of knowing. It encourages intercultural awareness and collaboration. It teaches that one way of knowing is not superior to another. As an Indigenous person with both Western and Indigenous lens and ways of knowing I strive to apply these differing perspectives in effective helpful ways personally and professionally. I scrutinize how best these ways of knowing support my whole being, identity and wellness.
  • Talking Circle teachings have reinforced the values of patience, listening, equity, unity and respecting differing perspectives.
  • Understanding the concept of embodiment (such as through dance, mindfulness, hiking and yoga) has helped me appreciate that movement, attention, and breath allow us to not only feel connected and aligned with our whole being; but also with the planet and all living things.
  • Indigenous spirituality teachings and addictions related work has helped me look beyond physical and psychological wellness and appreciate the spiritual aspect of wellness.
  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy introduced me to the concept of mindfulness and "being present".
  • Yoga training has taught me a deeper appreciation towards breath and silencing the mind. ¬†

I believe these experiences and teachings enrich my personal wellness, professional practice and desire to promote wellness.